Managing Tenancy Agreements: General, Commercial and Dealing with Defaulters

Date: 13th December 2023 (Wednesday)
Time: 9.30am – 1.00pm
Venue: Hartamas Training Centre, Level 13, Block A, Menara Prima, Jalan PJU 1/37, Dataran Prima, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Price: RM158 per pax


Mr. David Kok
Managing Partner at Messrs David Kok & Partners (Advocate & Solicitors)

Mr. David has more than 25 years of experience as an advocate and solicitor and is currently the Managing Partner at Messrs David Kok & Partners (Advocates & Solicitors). He specialises in conveyancing matters and has extensive experience providing advisory services and handling housing and developmental projects at the corporate level. Mr David Kok is also a regular speaker on property matters organised by various developers, real estate agencies and bodies, investor groups like the KL and Selangor Investors Club and other related groups and organisations at local and international level.

Seminar Outline

General Tenancy Agreement

  1. Identification of Parties.
  2. Types of deposits.
  3. Types of business.
  4. Duration.
  5. Sublet.
  6. Option to renew clauses.
  7. Special clauses.
  8. Default clauses.
  9. Remedies against defaulters.

Commercial Tenancy Agreement

  1. Identification of parties.
  2. Types of deposits and guarantees.
  3. Special clauses for renovation, fit out works etc.
  4. Default clauses.
  5. Maintenance clauses.
  6. Special conditions.
  7. Restoration clauses.


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Fiduciary Duties

Date: 14th December 2023 (Thursday)
Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm
Venue: Via Online Zoom
Price: RM108 per pax


Mrs. Saraswathy Shirke Deo
Principal & Founder of
Messrs Sara Deo & Co.

Sara Deo, LLB (Hons) London, CLP, MBA (Delhi), PCrt [edX] Contract Law (Harvard Law School), is the Principal and Founder of Messrs Sara Deo & Co, a boutique law firm. With a career spanning academia and legal practice, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her clients. Sara Deo began her career as a principal lecturer in law in 1999 teaching law students in various law colleges and university, offering UK and Australian law programmes. In 2013, she transitioned to the practice of law, where she worked alongside consultants and senior litigators, focusing on complex appellate matters involving significant legal questions at the Court of Appeal and Federal Court. She currently practices under her own boutique law firm, Messrs. Sara Deo & Co, where she mainly acts as Counsel, specialising in Strata and Management laws, Law of Defamation, Professional Negligence, Administrative law, Injunctions, and Commercial law. She has published several articles in local law journals and actively participates in law reform efforts related to her specific areas of expertise. Currently, she serves as the chair lady of the Malaysian Bar’s Defamation Law Reform Subcommittee of the Civil Law and Law Reform Committee. She is known for her engaging style of delivering lectures and talks, simplifying intricate legal concepts in a crisp and understandable manner. With her strong academic foundation, extensive practical experience, and commitment to law reform, Sara Deo is a highly respected and sought-after legal professional in Malaysia.

Overview of Seminar

Although not specifically mentioned in the Strata Management Act and the Regulations therein, committee members and property managers owe a fiduciary duty to the owners collectively. It includes a higher duty of care, duty of loyalty or good faith and duty to act within the scope of authority provided under the Act and as mandated by the management body. This seminar will engage participants to better understand what is a fiduciary duty. Participants will be guided on how to fulfil their fiduciary duties by understanding the provisions of the Act 757 & Act 242 and other areas of law such as the law of negligence, fraud, mismanagement of funds, misinformation or concealment of facts and abuse of powers. By thoroughly understanding their fiduciary duties the committee members and property managers can uphold their obligations to the best of their ability and not treat fiduciary duties as a burden or as something that they always need to worry about. They can also take pride in their service to their community.

Seminar Contents

  • What is a Fiduciary Duty?
  • What amounts to Breach of Fiduciary Duties?
  • Case studies
  • Practical examples of occasions demanding fiduciary obligations
  • Questions & Answers


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Guidelines For Managing Real Estate Conveyancing Transactions

Date: 19th December 2023 (Tuesday)
Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm
Venue: Via Online Zoom
Price: RM108 per pax


Mr. Ivan Chan
Advocate & Solicitor
Messrs. Amir Toh Francis & Partners

Mr. Ivan Chan (LLM, UM) is an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. He is a partner at the law firm of Messrs. Amir Toh Francis & Partners, Kuala Lumpur. Mr. Ivan is a member of the Malaysian Bar and has been in legal practice for a number of years. The primary focus of his practice has been on real estate conveyancing both in the primary and secondary markets, including acquisitions and disposals and financing for real estate transactions (both consumer and commercial loans). His work also covers various areas of commercial law, tenancy agreement and probate & administration.

Talk Points

  1. Handling sub-sale of property with title for purchaser
  2. Handling sub-sale of property with title for vendor
  3. Handling sub-sale of property without title for purchaser
  4. Handling sub-sale of property without title for vendor


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